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Tips for success in examination

    * Be confident. If you are confident half the battle is won.

    * Have faith in your capabilities; think positive, enter the examination hall with full preparation; for this plan your  reversion works in a systematic manner.

    * One night before the exam relieve yourself of all kinds of tension keep your pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters all  ready and sleep early.

    * On the clay of the exam do exam do not spend time on idle chatting and discussions with your friends, you will get  confused.

    * As you get the answer sheet gather yourself and become focused.

    * Divide your time carefully while answering the question paper.

    * Use the last page of your answer sheet as a rough sheet, during the first reading many points will come to your  mind-jot them down.

    * Maintain neatness throughout the paper.

    * Keep extra time for highlighting and underlining the important points.

    * Try to attempt all the questions in sequence.

    * Leave some space after every answer so that more points can be added, later if you happen to remember them.

    * Refrain from borrowing.

    * Be alert and cheerful all the time

    * Refrain from cheating. It’ll not serve any purpose.